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The Tasting Room

the tasting room

151 Regency Rd, Croydon Park, SA 5008

Cellar door tasting room is now open for business.
Opening hours are:

Thursday: 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday: 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday: 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Come in and speak to one of the brewers, try the brews and purchase some to take home.

Upcoming Events

Fri 5th Dec. 2014  -  Wednesday trading during december

For the rest of the month to help you all get over the hump in the middle of the week we will be opening on Wednesdays aswell as our usual thurs, fri and sat. This will include Christmas eve which falls on a Wednesday. We will be closed 25,26 and 27th of December, back open new years day with BBQ and beer.

Sat 20th Dec. 2014  -  Christmas Party!

Brewboys Christmas Party is Saturday 20th Dec. Entertainment by 'Free Genie' with support from 'Ruby Jane', starting around 7pm, Simon will be on BBQ duties cooking up a storm from 6pm till late into the evening. Bring a salad or a plate of whatever blows your skirt up to share with friends and fellow beer lovers. Open till midnight.

Thu 19th Feb. 2015  -  The Broken Hearted Showgirl

The broken Showgirl sneaky fringe peak event played here to a sell out crowd, for your chance to see the show during the fringe it will perform here at Brewboys over three nights, feb 19, 20 and 21st at 8pm.

Breaking News

Brewboys Baked Ham

Craft beer your xmas ham. 3-4kg leg ham, 1 bottle of Ace Of Spades, 2 cups brown sugar, 1 tsp ginger powder, 1 tsp ground cardamom, -Mix ingredients into thick paste -heat oven to 220c -take skin of ham -score the ham fat in a diamond pattern -baste ham with stout mix and put in the oven with a small amount of water in tray -roast until fat starts to golden, basting every 15 minutes -should take an hour or so

Schweinhund is back.

Bavarian wheat beer at its best. Schweinhund is back on tap and in 330ml bottles, its a fantastic summer drinker.

Wed 17th Dec. 2014  -  Free Bottle Opener with every case

We will be closed 25, 26 and 27th of December but we will be open Christmas eve and from today until then receive a free bottle opener with every case of beer purchased.

Fine Food Friday

Every Friday afternoon at 5.30 here at Brewboys Cellar Door we invite you to come down and try some tasty fine foods on us while you enjoy a beer or two.

Gasoline is back

Gasoline is a "new world' lager, using modern hop varieties rather than traditional styles. Gasoline is non-filtered bottle conditioned lager. It uses a rich malt bill (7 different malts) to give its robust malt palate. The use of Galaxy, Topaz and Mosaic hops give its big bitterness 35+ IBU's and fruity yet complex hop flavour and aroma. Gasoline is a full flavoured lager for those after a big lager taste. Pour carefully as not to disturb the yeast. Cheers.

Aussie Muscle Car Run.

Please Sponsor Us! Brewboys have. We're participating in the Aussie Muscle Car Race! 1977 LX Holden Torana 5.0 LITRE 308 V8 sedan. We are taking part in the Aussie Muscle Car Run to raise funds for The Leukaemia Foundation in 2014. Last year a Chrysler AP5 VALIANT finished in first place by being able to raise an incredible amount of money for the Leukaemia Foundation. So this year we want one of the BEST made Muscle Cars ever produced by GMH to show the rest of the field why the HOLDEN TORANA was feared by its rivals on and off the road and race track. Our motivation to participate in the 2014 Aussie Muscle Car Run is that a friends son suffered Leukaemia early last year. We have had family friends and relatives that have suffered and or passed away from cancer. I love the sheer passion and enjoyment of driving my Holden Torana. Enjoy helping people, families and the community. To be part of a great organisation as well as being around a group of people that enjoy great looking and tuff muscle car machines, whilst helping out a great cause. You can help us make a difference by donating to the Leukaemia Foundation who fund free services and support to Australian blood cancer patients and their families. So Please give generously and support our team - CAR 308 - AZZURRI RACING TEAM Achille, Rocco and Peter

GTS Pale Ale is nearly sold out.

Better be quick as we have nearly sold out. Brewed from All Aussie grains and hops, this little ripper showcases the amazing aromas from Australia's first flavour hop; Galaxy. Using whole Galaxy cones gives this ale a real fruit-driven nose, and nice mellow afterbitter. Packaged in the Warwick yellow of the HK era, we toast the legend that is Monaro. This completes the set of Classic Aussie Muscle Cars.


Hoppapotamus is back! 650ml bottles $15 each or $100 a case of twelve. Enough hops to stop a large African animal in its tracks.

For more details on upcoming events and news check out our news page page.

Brewboys Merchandise

Brewboys Merchandise is now available, click here to view our merchandise

What is it all about ?

Brewboys is about introducing to people the pleasures of beer.

Beer has a magnificent heritage, centuries of tradition, generations of improvement and innovation, and is now produced to strict quality standards in high tech industrial plants. Something seems to have been lost in the commodifying. We want to give beers life, identity, to put back the respect, while keeping it fun.

We are about freshness, not shelf life. Freshness shows in the flavour. Yes, we use state of the art brewing equipment, but we stick to proven principles, traditional values and don’t compromise on quality at any expense.

We design and produce all our beers ourselves, with our own bare hands. Other brands claim to “hand crafted” but are mass produced, some pretend to be independent, but are owned by the multinationals, still others appear imported, but are contract brewed locally.

Brewing real beer is good, honest, hard-work, and we don’t pretend to be what we aren’t. We’re brewers, just brewers, not salesmen. We believe in truth in advertising, and a down-to-earth approach to marketing.

Our beers are naturally beautiful, not airbrushed into blemish-free shape. We work with the best resources nature can provide, supplied by the craftsmen who appreciate our philosophy of unadulterated freshness and sustainability.

Our part is to carefully craft the beer, cajole it along its path from grain to glass, and present it at its finest to you.

Please continue this cycle with us in your enjoyment of these beers, being mindful of your environment and your neighbours. Put all your senses to work, into the pleasure of something good for you, good for us all. Above all, have fun drinking our beers, enjoy them in the company of good friends.