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Because Water Isn't Enough

We LOVE drinks - and although our roots run deep with beer,
we have a devout passion for hand-crafting all types of beverages!
We also make our own Basket Pressed Shiraz, Roussane Dry White & Whisky distilled from our own Ace of Spades Stout...
Maiden Ale

The brew incorporates specialty malts sourced from around the world, such as Maris Otter barley from the UK, and various coloured malts from Germany and Australia. A trip to the hop fields of Nelson, New Zealand, has inspired us in our selection of seasonal hop flowers.

This beer is a stylish Amber Ale, a well rounded full body with intensely inviting citrus and floral hop aromas, robust caramel malt back palate, well balanced with lingering bitterness.


Alc. 4.9% // Perfect session drinking

Soursob Bob - Natural Sour Saison

Our obsession with homegrown beer and local music go hand-in-hand, so we decided to team up with local legend Soursob Bob to create an Australiana Saison. Our twist on this traditionally French style gives this brew lively citrus palate and fruity hop notes…with a few cheeky sour tones. Support the oddly unique – and be your own Soursob..


Alc. 7% // For a limited time only!!

Seeing Double

So named because it’s originator is a twin, Seeing Double is a complex and hearty brew. Tawny in colour, with an inviting fume, a feint ‘reek’ from the use of peated malt, normally reserved for whisky making. You may also detect banana or lolly-like esters amongst the caramel and toffee laced vapours. The syrupy palate is thick and coating, and releases wisps of flavours termed ‘congeners’ by whisky connoisseurs. The hops are restrained in-keeping with the traditional style, and the Scots loathing of expensive ‘Southern’ Fantoosh.

The brew is created in Winter, by carefully mashing the blended Scottish and Australian malts, infusing a big rolling boil, and then patiently attended, whilst three separate pitchings of yeast frothed gently in the cool fermenting vats for six full weeks.


Alc. 8% // A Wee Heavy for the Beer Puritans  

Ace of Spades

A fine stout with rich, complex, dark roasted character. With abounding coffee-like aroma, and strong cocoa bean bouquet, the aromatics are as striking as the appearance. You can’t get any blacker. Roasted malted wheat, Choc chit malt, and black malt are all called upon to intensify the blackest beer we could possibly make.

Volatiles, including vanilla bean and herbaceous fermentative profile dissipate over the glassful, leaving the drinker with an earthy back palate.

This stout is best described as an extra stout, not dry or sweet. It has a hefty mouth feel, well balanced with a moderate alcohol and bitterness leaving you wanting more.


Alc. 5.9% // Best consumed at no lower than 10ºC

Cosmic Cat

Cosmic Cat is a "new world" lager, using modern hop varieties rather than traditional styles. The brew is a non-filtered, bottle conditioned lager which uses a rich malt bill to give its robust malt palate. The use of Galaxy, Topaz and Mosaic hops give its bitterness and fruity yet complex hop flavour and aroma. Cosmic Cat is a full flavoured lager for those after a big lager taste. 


Alc. 5.5% // A lager bursting with flavour



A BIG Pale Ale with enough hops to choke a large African animal - you could call this a West Coast IPA but it would not do it justice as Hoppapotamus has enough to be larger than most double IPAs on the market.


Alc. 7% // For those tougher than large African animals

Jog-On Jypsy

What's that? A full-strength tasting beer with only half the alcohol?!


If we didn't tell you, you wouldn't believe it. Jog-On is an English style Bitter with all English malt, dry hopped with Australian hops. This pocket rocket packs all the punch and flavour of a full strength beer with few consequences the next day!


Alc. 3.5% // The first mid-strength ale that is actually worth drinking

King Brown

Aptly named for its traditional long neck bottle serving size, this beast is has a massive malt bill starting with Vienna and Munich malt, Crystal and chocolate malt, we add some roasted malt and a couple of minor specialist grains. In the Kettle we repeatedly pound the boiling wort with kilo after kilo of Mount Hood hops for maximum flavour.  


Alc. 4.2% // It's a great pint drinking beer on tap, and is only sold in 300mL bottles

Super Root Ginger Beer

Brewed with pale barley malt, this is an alcoholic Ginger Beer that uses a gentle hop bill in the boil along with copious amounts of fresh Aussie ginger. It is a super refreshing and cleansing soothe.


Alc. 3.5% // It's a great pint drinking beer on tap, and is also available in stubbies

Dead Mans Hand


Brewed with a variety of dark and roasted malts, Dead Man’s Hand is a complex, rich and coating Imperial Stout which has been aged in both American Oak and Fortified Wine Barrels.


To be relished until the final hand is dealt.


Alc. 9.8% // WARNING: This is one HUGE brew 

Lemon Felon Hard Lemonade


A moreish lemonade for adults only! Made from fresh Aussie lemons, Brewboys’ Lemon Felon Hard Lemonade is off-dry bubbly and well balanced for those looking for a refreshing alternative.


Alc. 5.7% // WARNING: Seriously moreish 

Kopstoot Jenever

I bet you've never tried a Jenever! It's amazing.

Brewboys Jenever: a white spirit with primary distillation from barley malt followed by a secondary distillation with Juniper berries. This makes Kopstoot a Gin/Whisky hybrid, of sorts, and is one of a kind.


Alc. 42% // A head-butt of a spirit

Seasonal Drops

As the Seasons change so too do our taste buds.

So be it  a Summer Refresher, an Autumn Relaxer , a Winter Warmer or a Spring Reviver we are always looking to treat your taste buds well.

Make sure you check back here for some of our all time favorites and our new tempters.

In Season Details

100 Acre Honey Liqueur

Sweet like Honey and ever so smooth as it goes down. 

Served straight up or over ice.... Alc 18%